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Abantwane Belanga Foundation – “Children of the Sun”, was founded in 2013 by four close friends Anke, Maarten, Miran and Ronald, who where touched in some way by the several events in South Africa, either because they work in this country (Maarten & Anke), either by many vacations (Ronald & Miran) or other reasons.There is a strong need for us to support the Sithand’Izingane Care Project, and other NGO’s in the area, south east of Johannesburg permanently, from the Netherlands.
We as Abantwane Belanga Foundation are familiar with the work of Sithand’Izingane Care Project by Anke and Maarten who, in 2007, went to live and work in South Africa and actually also went to work in the project. This has resulted in a more than special bond with all the people who work there, but even more with the children and young people.

In recent years we have seen and experienced that the financial support from both South Africa and the Netherlands for many reasons became less and that companies and government agencies have become critical because of their financial support.

We think, partly because of our personal relationship with Sithand’Izingane Care Project, and with a number of other NGOs in the Tsakane region, but also through our own network in the Netherlands, to be a good mediator between these projects and many Dutch and South African authorities.

Thanks to years of experience within the Sithand’Izingane Care Project, we also expect to have the expertise to be able to convince the need for authorities to participate in the work and activities of our foundation and contribute to the welfare of a large group of children, youth and adults in Tsakane.

Abantwane Belanga Foundation foundation is well known with the variety of NGO’s and initiatives, and donated funds will be used directly for the project for which it is intended.


Our objective:

The foundation aims to provide financial support and/or goods to support one or more local projects (NGO) in Tsakane & East Rand, South Africa, which will improve the welfare and living standards of children and young people, infected and affected by HIV / AIDS.

We strive to achieve our goal:

  • Acquiring donors and sponsors.
  • The raising of funds by applying for grants.
  • Organizing fundraising and other activities to financial resourcesacquire.
  • The placing on the publicity of the plans through lectures, newsletter, website, leaflets and socialmedia.
  • And to undertake further actions related to the above in the broadest sense or may be conducive thereto.