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Christmas funding & YouTube

Posted by on 3 November 2014

We have sent our first newsletter last month as part of our annual Christmas Funding, that we organise since a few years. Nice comments come in and we are delighted. It is always very nice and heartwarming to know that there are people who work together with you and that you receive their support, and also want to do this financially. We will keep our followers informed about the progress, and at the end of the Christmas Funding on 31 January 2015 we will announce the results again.

On YouTube we came across a very interesting movie with a message that appealed to us. The clip is part of a song by the band “The Script” with the number Superheroes. We thought it was a heartwarming story and want also to share with you. Peculiarity is that the clip was recorded in the Alexandra Township in Johannesburg.

The link to the site and clip:

Let us know what you think after seeing the clip.

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