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Posted by on 10 February 2016

Just like last year we also organised our Christmas Funding in 2015. Friends, Family, colleagues, former and current volunteers, friends of our foundation received a few messages about our Funding. The accent for this year was focussed on maintenance and building a new BHOMA. As the foundation we would like to share and support with financial support but also helping to create the technical drawings and at the time of building also lend a hand.

After a few messages about the plans, the first very nice and warm response arrived in our postbox. Also the first donations arrived into our account. Even via the donation website some spontaneous donations arrived. So every now and then our treasurer sent us an update and the message that somebody would love to donate but didn’t know hoe to do this. After 2-months the counter has stopped and we reached a wonderful and final amount. Thanks to the weak South African Rand we can transfer the euro’s into a lot of Rands. It is a wonderful donation for the project.

We spoke to the project and agreed tha tee will leave the final amount in our foundation account until the moment has arrived that the building preparations process will start. Talks are underway with the project board members about the way forward, and within a few weeks the board will tell us te name of the person who will be responsible for the building process.

The BHOMA will have about 400 seats for our children and also a small stage where we can perform during events. The BHOMA is the first step in a range of building plans that will take place in 2016 – 2017.

The FINAL AMOUNT that we can hand over to the project on behalf of our foundation:

EUR 1775 or ZAR 32021,75

As a foundation we are very happy and pleased that there are so many people who love to support the work we are doing for the project. It is wonderful to experience that people want to hold hands with us, and that gives hope for a bright future for the project.

On behalf of the foundation we would like to say THANK YOU for your wonderful donation, that will help us to create the dream of ┬áthe Sithand’Izingane project and the building of the BHOMA in 2016 – 2017


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