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Posted by on 20 March 2017

The building project as we started it in 2016 is in progress. The steel structure and the big roof (LAPA) are ready and as you look at it, it really is a big building. It was not always easy and every now and then there where discussions with the building company. But after a few months, the LAPA is at his place and almost ready.

This year we hope (with financial support from sponsors) to finalise the cement floor and foundations, so that we can start using the LAPA als Youth Centre for our Youth of Sithand’Izingane but also for events at the project. At his moment there are serious talks with possible sponsors who are willing to help us. We already have a financial commitment from Global Exploration / Wild Geeze Netherlands and a 2nd sponsor is almost convinced to support us. We are waiting for technical drawings from the building company.

Planning for this year: cement floor 12 x 30 mtr; foundation for classroom 12 x 6 mtr and stage 12 x 6. mtr.

LAPA in progress

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