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Posted by on 29 September 2017

Many things have happened during the last few months and we will tell something about it:

BUILDING ACTIVITIES: In the past few months we tried to find sponsors to help us with the building of the concreet floor and classroom under the big steel structure BOMA. Especially from our international network in Germany and also from the Netherlands itself we received good news. Thanks to GLOBAL Exploration / Wilde Ganzen Netherlands and also the Dominican Congregation Germany we received a big amount for the building project. The amount we received was even big enough to built the concreet floor, but also start to built the rough structure for the classroom. Or foundation funded the steel structure last year and we are very delighted that we managed to have other sponsors on board from Germany and the Netherlands. Last week (25 Sept.) the building company started with the foundations and preparations for the concreet floor and also building the classroom that will be used as Youth Centre. The 3rd and last fase of the building project will be the building of a small stage for performances, but also the finishing tough for the classroom like electricity, lighting, gutters, ceiling etc.

BLANKETS CAMPAIGN:  In July We had a visitor from the Netherlands Ms. Karin Jordens from the RoyalHaskoningDHV company. Karin knows the project already for some time, and during her last visit Maarten promissed to walk with her into the township together with one of the fieldworkers. On our way to the project we spoke about all kind of things and also about winter in Afrika. Karin started a WhatsApp Campaign and asked her colleagues and friends in the Netherlands to support her in her campaign to buy blankets for the children. Within no-time Karin organised a big amount of money for the blankets, and at the end of the afternoon she also organised a skype meeting with almost all her sponsors to announce the outcome of this WhatsApp campaign. The 900 euro is made available to Abantwane Belanga to buy all the blankets.

WORTEL36 – Maintenance crew:  Not really a name that is very known to many, but it is the title for Ronald, Johan, Hugo, Remy, Janou & Wesley from Ulestraten – Netherlands. Ronald is our secretary and together with his friends and their sons, they travelled to SA to the project to do maintenance work at the project. In July the 6 men started at the project and within no-time and with a lot of energy and humor they did a lot of small jobs. Renewal of our board room, new watertabs, new toilet seats, lighting, new doors, ceiling, renewal of some of the washing basins, fixed some of the leaking pipes etc etc. During their maintenance work the WORTEL36 group also did a blanket campaign and after 3 weeks there was another wonderful donation.

In total we could transfer 2345 euro into the the Abantwane Bank Account thanks to RoyalHaskoningDHV and WORTEL36. In total we could buy 85 blankets for our children.

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