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New Partner: NKOSI’S HAVEN Care Project

2020 en 2021 was for our foundation ABANTWANE – BELANGA also the time to set up a new partnership with one or more NGO’s in the Jo’burg region Because of the Corona Pandemic it was not a very easy task as many of the NGO’s where closed or partly closed. Meetings with board members or founders of these NGO’s where always on ZOOM or SKYPE and sometimes there was a slight possibility to meet face to face (social distancing and face masks) and to talk about cooperation. All these meetings have led to the good news that we can share with you. At the end of 2021 our chairperson managed to have an agreement with the founder of NKOSI’S HAVEN Care Project in Vereeniging in the West-Rand near Soweto to start a cooperation with our Foundation. A very interesting NGO and we are hopeful that we can work together for the next few years and set up special activities and projects. We would like to invite you to visit their website:

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We are delighted to present our Annual report 2021 and our financial report to all our followers; sponsors and friends. 2021 was again a very interesting year but also special in many ways. All this you can read in our Annual Report and you can find it on the contact page on this website.

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Jaarverslag 2020

Stichting Abantwane Belanga is verheugd om het Jaarverslag 2020 te presenteren aan onze vrienden, volgers, sponsoren, partners, NGO’s. Het verslag geeft in woord en beeld verslag van onze activiteiten in 2020 en aan het einde vind u ook ons financieel verslag van afgelopen jaar.

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Annual Report 2020

Abantwane Belanga Foundation is proud to present our Annual Report 2020 to all our friends, followers, funders & sponsors, NGO’s and partners. A special and difficult year and the report shows in writing and in pictures about our activities. At the end you will find the financial report.

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Many things have happened during the last few months and we will tell something about it:

BUILDING ACTIVITIES: In the past few months we tried to find sponsors to help us with the building of the concreet floor and classroom under the big steel structure BOMA. Especially from our international network in Germany and also from the Netherlands itself we received good news. Thanks to GLOBAL Exploration / Wilde Ganzen Netherlands and also the Dominican Congregation Germany we received a big amount for the building project. The amount we received was even big enough to built the concreet floor, but also start to built the rough structure for the classroom. Or foundation funded the steel structure last year and we are very delighted that we managed to have other sponsors on board from Germany and the Netherlands. Last week (25 Sept.) the building company started with the foundations and preparations for the concreet floor and also building the classroom that will be used as Youth Centre. The 3rd and last fase of the building project will be the building of a small stage for performances, but also the finishing tough for the classroom like electricity, lighting, gutters, ceiling etc.

BLANKETS CAMPAIGN:  In July We had a visitor from the Netherlands Ms. Karin Jordens from the RoyalHaskoningDHV company. Karin knows the project already for some time, and during her last visit Maarten promissed to walk with her into the township together with one of the fieldworkers. On our way to the project we spoke about all kind of things and also about winter in Afrika. Karin started a WhatsApp Campaign and asked her colleagues and friends in the Netherlands to support her in her campaign to buy blankets for the children. Within no-time Karin organised a big amount of money for the blankets, and at the end of the afternoon she also organised a skype meeting with almost all her sponsors to announce the outcome of this WhatsApp campaign. The 900 euro is made available to Abantwane Belanga to buy all the blankets.

WORTEL36 – Maintenance crew:  Not really a name that is very known to many, but it is the title for Ronald, Johan, Hugo, Remy, Janou & Wesley from Ulestraten – Netherlands. Ronald is our secretary and together with his friends and their sons, they travelled to SA to the project to do maintenance work at the project. In July the 6 men started at the project and within no-time and with a lot of energy and humor they did a lot of small jobs. Renewal of our board room, new watertabs, new toilet seats, lighting, new doors, ceiling, renewal of some of the washing basins, fixed some of the leaking pipes etc etc. During their maintenance work the WORTEL36 group also did a blanket campaign and after 3 weeks there was another wonderful donation.

In total we could transfer 2345 euro into the the Abantwane Bank Account thanks to RoyalHaskoningDHV and WORTEL36. In total we could buy 85 blankets for our children.

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The building project as we started it in 2016 is in progress. The steel structure and the big roof (LAPA) are ready and as you look at it, it really is a big building. It was not always easy and every now and then there where discussions with the building company. But after a few months, the LAPA is at his place and almost ready.

This year we hope (with financial support from sponsors) to finalise the cement floor and foundations, so that we can start using the LAPA als Youth Centre for our Youth of Sithand’Izingane but also for events at the project. At his moment there are serious talks with possible sponsors who are willing to help us. We already have a financial commitment from Global Exploration / Wild Geeze Netherlands and a 2nd sponsor is almost convinced to support us. We are waiting for technical drawings from the building company.

Planning for this year: cement floor 12 x 30 mtr; foundation for classroom 12 x 6 mtr and stage 12 x 6. mtr.

LAPA in progress

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After several years of asking our friends and followers of our foundation to support us, we are very  delighted to announce that we started building the Steel Structure on the plot of the Sithand’Izingane care project in the Tsakane – Kwathema Township. Some weeks ago the cement and sand was delivered and yesterday  the team from SM-STRUCTURES arrived and started digging the foundations.

We are very proud that our Foundation, thanks to all our sponsors, is able to finance the Steel Structure and that we also can continue building the 2 storage rooms & stage after the Structure is in place. First of all the cement floor must be put in place and drawings for the classrooms are being prepared.

We also received a wonderful donation from WILDE GANZEN / Global Exploration Netherlands that we will use for the upgrade of our sewerage system, drains and pipes.

Yesterday we could start the building process and if everything is working according to the plan the Steel Structure will be ready 2nd week of July.

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Donation St. Franciscus school – Netherlands received with thanks

On the 29th of March, Ronald en Miran Pluimakers from the Abantwane Belanga Foundation visited the Sithand’Izingane project. No just a visit, but a visit with a special purpose. Both Ronald and Miran visited the project to deliver a cheque on behalf of the learners from the St. Franciscus primary school in the Netherlands. This cheque was handed over to them just a few days before.

The second present that they brought to the project was a whole bunch of plates and cups. This was already for some time on the wish list because the current plates and cups needed to be replaced. On behalf of the foundation and on behalf of the clients of Miran’s hair salon this wish could be fulfilled. 300 colourful plates and 300 colourful cups are now in use for the feeding scheme.

The cheque of 2000 Euro / ZAR 35000 was handed over to Sr. Mary Tuck – funder of the project and Ms. Thembi Aphane – project manager. As you know it is a kind of tradition to celebrate a donation like this, and therefore there was a lovely afternoon with music, singing, dance and some nice speeches from the children and Thembi Aphane.

The money that was handed over will be used for the new building (BOMA) and in consultation with the management a part of the donation will also be used for some urgent maintenance issues.

On behalf of all the children from Sithand’Izingane we would like to thank all the children from the St. Franciscus primary school for this wonderful donation. The building project started already last week and the first preparations are busy.


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Just like last year we also organised our Christmas Funding in 2015. Friends, Family, colleagues, former and current volunteers, friends of our foundation received a few messages about our Funding. The accent for this year was focussed on maintenance and building a new BHOMA. As the foundation we would like to share and support with financial support but also helping to create the technical drawings and at the time of building also lend a hand.

After a few messages about the plans, the first very nice and warm response arrived in our postbox. Also the first donations arrived into our account. Even via the donation website some spontaneous donations arrived. So every now and then our treasurer sent us an update and the message that somebody would love to donate but didn’t know hoe to do this. After 2-months the counter has stopped and we reached a wonderful and final amount. Thanks to the weak South African Rand we can transfer the euro’s into a lot of Rands. It is a wonderful donation for the project.

We spoke to the project and agreed tha tee will leave the final amount in our foundation account until the moment has arrived that the building preparations process will start. Talks are underway with the project board members about the way forward, and within a few weeks the board will tell us te name of the person who will be responsible for the building process.

The BHOMA will have about 400 seats for our children and also a small stage where we can perform during events. The BHOMA is the first step in a range of building plans that will take place in 2016 – 2017.

The FINAL AMOUNT that we can hand over to the project on behalf of our foundation:

EUR 1775 or ZAR 32021,75

As a foundation we are very happy and pleased that there are so many people who love to support the work we are doing for the project. It is wonderful to experience that people want to hold hands with us, and that gives hope for a bright future for the project.

On behalf of the foundation we would like to say THANK YOU for your wonderful donation, that will help us to create the dream of  the Sithand’Izingane project and the building of the BHOMA in 2016 – 2017


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Fundraising event; big succes

This year we joined the run event “Maastrichts Mooiste 2015”, that was organised for the 10th time. Participants could choose between the 5 and 10 kilometer, the 10 English Mile, and for the children there where some kids runs. Ronald our treasurer and runner joined the  5 km run. The LIOF in Maastricht – Netherlands  is also participating during this event and therefore they changed the name in “LIOf’s Mooiste”. Together with all their clients they like to share  some time in an enjoyable and sporting environment.
Next to the sporting element there is also a annual good cause that is supported by all the runners, and for 2015 the Abantwane Belanga Foundation was the chosen good cause.
Jérôme Verhagen, managing director of LIOF gave a short address to the public at the end of the event, and he delivered a beautiful cheque with the amount of  €1500 for the Foundation. Ronald did a short presentation about the foundation and the work we are doing .
We would like to say: “thank you” to all the sponsors who, thanks to the LIOF, gave their support to our work for the children of the Sithand’Izingane project.
Via this website and Facebook we will keep you informed about the progress of our work and how e us the money to create a better life for the children in the project.
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