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Last month, our 2 Dutch volunteers Sjors and Sam Ruiters visited the Sithand’Izingane Care project. 4 weeks they where part of the project, worked together with the local people and where part of our Sithand’Izingane Care project family. The Abantwane Belanga foundation together with their partner in South Africa Sisiza-Ukusiza in Johannesburg where the proud organisers of this wonderful volunteer trip to the project.

Sjors, a graduated cameraman, together with his brother Sjors  prepared a short movie about their experiences at the project. Within 4 weeks many things happen and you are part of many experiences and emotions. You get more and more involved in all this and go through these all day experiences. Sjors and Sam made a short movie of all this, and we invite all of you to watch this short movie and have a look at the role that you can play as a volunteer at the Sithand’Izingane care project.  

The Abantwane Belanga Foundation and Sisiza-Ukusiza South Africa invite persons interested in volunteer work to take part in our volunteer program. There are a few possibilities to meet us and have your questions answered. 

1: Send us an @mail directly to

2: Visit our information stand during the Wereldwijd vrijwilligers Markt / Worldwide Volunteer market in Utrecht on Saturday 22 November 2014. The final location for this volunteer market will be announced shortly via this website and our Facebook page. Follow us and join us.

De Link naar de YouTube pagina en de film:

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Two weeks ago Sjors & Sam Ruijters from the Netherlands arrived at Sithand’Izingane Care Project to start their 4 weeks volunteer-work holiday.  Both of them arrived on Sunday morning at OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg. Because we don’t have our own accommodation at the project, the two volunteers spent their time at the Melville Backpackers. Melville is a student area in Johannesburg and is very lively and pleasant.

The volunteer trip is organised by our partner Sisiza-Ukusiza, the company in South Africa of our chairperson Maarten and Anke, also one of the board members, and is supported by our  Abantwane Belanga foundation.

The next 4 weeks Sjors and Sam are working in the kitchen, the garden and also the after Care program. Next to that we also travel to see Johannesburg and the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve to spot the Big Five. Last Saturday we went to Hillbrow, for many people a so called No Go area in Jo’burg. But we have seen that these stories don’t mix with the reality.  The next few days Sjors and Sam will also work closely together with our fieldworkers during their work in the Kwathema township, and have a close look at the work they are doing.

Sjors en Sam are writing a Weblog, and will write their stories on a daily basis. You can read the weblog on:

People who want to know more about volunteer work in the Sithand’Izingane project can sent an @mail to: maarten@sisiza-ukusiza We will sent you the necessary information. Long term and short term internships; volunteerwork is possible.



Hand over another R 10000- cheque to the project

Today the 5th May 2014, there was another kind of celebration. The Abantwane Belanga foundation could hand over another cheque of R10,000 to the project. This time there was not a big event like we had last time, because the children didn’t have school holiday and therefore couldn’t organise a event, but also the board and also the project manager was not available due to the fact that they had to rush for a urgent meeting with the Department of Social Development because of problems regarding funding for the next year. It was a quite hectic day and we decided to hand over the cheque to the management.

Of course we also told the children that where attending the after care, about the amount of money and we asked them to prepare a “Thank You Letter” for the St. Stephanus Primary school in the Netherlands. But the Fieldworkers decided to sing and make music and prepare a thank you video for the school. It was again a lovely afternoon with the children. The amount of money that was funded by the St. Stephanus primary school will also be used for school uniforms, stationary, and health packages for the children.

Unfortunately the “Thank You video” is not available for this website, but you find it on our Abantwane Foundation FACEBOOK page. 

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Hand over of the R43000- cheque to the project

Today Ronald and Miran finalized the circle. After the wonderful sponsor run event at the Primary school St. Franciscus in the village of Bunde in the south of the Netherlands, they receive a wonderful cheque. On this cheque there was the amount of E 2950,- = ZAR 43000,-

We as the Abantwane Belanga Foundation, are very happy wit this amount of money, because we can do a lot of wonderful things and also organise some special wishes that are still on the wish list. Especially we can assist the project buying school uniforms for the children of the Sithand’Izingane Care Project. Every year the project take care that they get funding to buy all these uniforms, but there are always more uniforms needed as estimated in our budget. The outstanding amount can be organised thanks to the wonderful gift of the St. Franciscus Primary school. And thanks to that donation children are able to go to school. Today Monday 31 March 2014, Ronald and Miran are on a short holiday in South Africa, and of course they also visited the project to hand over the cheque to Sr. Mary Tuck (board member) and Thembi Aphane (project manager), and all the children present that day.

Ronald and Miran didn’t know that the children prepared a ceremony with dance and music, speeches and drama. Our marimba band, the gumboot dancers and the choir. All of them wanted to show their gratitude. Ronald handed over the cheque to Sr Mary and Thembi on behalf of the Foundation.

Maarten (chairperson foundation) will travel back home to South Africa and will settle the way the Foundation will hand over the money and how to organise the school uniforms.



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Last Saturday, the big moment arrived, and we could sit down and started counting all the donations we received this year during our Annual Christmas Funding to support the Sithand’Izingane Care Project.This year the funding we organised the Christmas funding on behalf of our foundation, that was funded last year and already is a big succes. This year our goals was to raise money to buy toy-boxes for the children tha twill be used during the feeding scheme and activities at Ext.8 After having a meal, the fieldworkers organise activities and than these boxes will be used. The contant of the boxes is sporting equipment, balls, puzzles, skipping rope etc.  The fieldworkers and the children came up with this idea and we put them on the wish list. Thanks to the very warm donations there is even some money left over, and we will keep this amount in our bank account until the foundation will hear about another wish and knows how to spend it.  We are talking about this with Sr. Mary Tuck and the management to find a good purpose. If we would sent the total amount of money to the project, it will be used for day to day expenses, and that is not our intension of this Christmas funding. Our 750 children are the ones who have to benefit of this annual funding.

De the entire proceeds this year was again overwhelming and we are very happy. We received €2196,-.  The other good news is, that thanks to the downfall of the South African Rand (ZAR) we will receive more profit out of our euros.

In total we will deliver the beautiful amount of: ZAR 33,158.88 to the project. We are more than happy and Maarten, who is in South Africa at the moment, will deliver this amount to Sr. Mary Tuck and Thembi Aphane our project manager.

Without all our sponsors , the project isn’t able to continue their work. We thank you all for your donations, it makes a difference in the lives of our children at Sithand’Izingane Care Project. Soon there will be letters sent to all our sponsors, but due to a strike at South African Post Office, Maarten will bring these letters to the Netherlands end of February and then sent them to you.Otherwise they would never arrive.

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Abantwane Belanga Foundation is proud to announce the Youth Volunteer Program for 2014. In cooperation with our partners Sithand’Izingane Care Project and Sisiza Ukusiza Pty Ltd South Africa, we are organising 2 Youth volunteer trips to the Sithand’Izingane Care Project.

Abantwane Belanga – Children of the Sun & Sisiza Ukusiza – We help to Help will organise 2 trips of 4 weeks each, where Youth from around Europe is invited to join us during a volunteer month, in which we will work and live with the Tsakane community, and also enjoy the city live of Jo’burg and surroundings.

At the moment we are planning the various details of the trip, and preparations for the scope of work and accommodation are underway. We are looking forward to meet the Youth of Europe at the Sithand’Izingane Care Project and also other NGO’s in the area.

There is a age limitation for these trips: Youth between 18 and 25 are invited to join. Also we have a maximum of 8 volunteers for every trip.

If you are interested and would like to join, please sent us an @mail in which you explain (motivation) why you want to join us. We will then sent all the details and important information for this trip to you. We are looking forward to meet with you.

Sent your @mail to: or call us on +31 6 299 077 65 (Netherlands)   /   +27 828 102 141 (South Africa)

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Marimba Band Tsakane SA. & Harmonie Bunde NL.

So now and then we receive good news from our sponsors. We received a very nice from the HARMONIE BUNDE in the Netherlands. This Brassband in the South of the Netherlands donated 80 uniforms and as you can see, the children in the Sithand’Izingane Care Project are using these uniforms while performing with the Marimba Band. It is a very nice article and we want to challenge you to read it.

Go to the website of the Brass band and click on NEWS.

The website you can find under:

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Abantwane Belanga at “VLaaienmarket” Elsloo – Limburg

Last weekend, our foundation had a small stand at the “Vlaaien-market” in the little town of Elsloo – Limburg. This event was organized for the first time and we received a invitation to join the market. Ronald, Miran, Anke and Maarten gathered all kind of South African products as well as locally produced products at the Kopanang Trust where on sale. All these products where brought from the Sitnad’Izingane care project. Next to the products we invited people to join “The Friends Of…” and we invited the subscribers to receive our newsletter from authem this year. We will inform our subscribers about the Youth – volunteer trip and about all our activities in 2014.

There was a lot of interest and our excitement was big, that we could sell a lot of products. We don’t know exactly how much profit we made during this market, but we think it will be a nice amount of money. In October Maarten will return to South Africa and also visit the Sithand’Izingane project and the Kopanang Trust and bring back some nice products that we can sell.

The next date for selling at one of the markets will be announced via the website.

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