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Who we are

Abantwane Belanga Foundation Foundation originated from a great love for South Africa, its people and its culture, but above all the involvement with one of the big NGO’s in Jo’burg. The foundation consists of an Executive Board of 4 people. From January 2024 our Executive board will change and the position of Secretary and position of 1 board member are vacant.

The current position of treasurer wil temporary be taken by Anke Mastenbroek.

Until January 2024 the board consists of:
Maarten Bollen,Chairperson
Miran Pluijmakers,Treasurer
Ronald Pluijmakers,Secretary
Anke Mastenbroek,Boardmember

The name:
Abantwane Belanga means Children of the Sun and is a phrase that comes from the Zulu, one of the 11 official languages in South Africa. The sun is the source of all life, our central energy and heat source, the start of all growth. Children are also the start of all the growth and the future of a family, the country, its culture, but above all the future of the group of people, which is our commitment as Abantwane Belanga Foundation.