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What we do

The foundation seeks to achieve its objective:

  • Acquiring donors and sponsors.
  • The raising of funds by applying for grants.
  • Organizing fundraising activities to acquire financial resources.
  • The placing on the publicity of these activities through lectures, newsletters, website, leaflets and social media.
  • To undertake all further actions related to the above, in the broadest sense, related or be conducive thereto.
  • The foundation serves the public interest.
  • The foundation is a non-profit organization.

What have we done so far:

2017 – 2019 Some bigger and smaller jobs:

A new board room was build for management and board. The work was executed by some good friends of our Abantwane Belanga Foundation who took 3 weeks leave to execute maintenance on doors; windows; paintwork; building; sanitary etc.

Maintenance for the schoolbus who thanks to bad road conditions needs many maintenance. The foundation many times assisted when the bus broke down and there would be no transport for the children.

During the so called “dry-season” (no payments by the Department of Social Development) we assisted the project with payments for daily expenses, maintenance but also we paid salaries for staff.

The foundation has been supporting a number of projects in recent years. When not under the current name, but it is important for us to mention these projects as it gives a good impression of our work and commitment, and the work we want to do in the future

2014 – 2015 Building & planning for Sithand’Izingane

We are busy in cooperation with the Sithand’Izingane board, to prepare a new building and a so called BOMA, a steel structure without walls, where there is a small stage and space for many people. The other structure consists of 2 classrooms, storage, small office, living room for our care taker, new ablutions for boys and girls.  The real building process will start in 2016 as we have created sufficient funding.

The total amount for this new structure is quoted for approx. ZAR 2.5 million.

2013 Bio – gas and waste water:

We are engaged in a dialogue with a number of partners to set up our own energy supply for Sithand’Izingane Care Project by building and realizing our own Bio-Gas and waste water system. The project aim for the future is to be sustainable and self-sufficient on energy and by doing this, bring back the costs on energy. By doing this the project is able to improve the financial situation and have more money available for the children; Youth and different programs & activities.
Our partners who assist us to realize this Bio-Gas and Waste Water System:
Johannesburg Royal HaskoningDHV Woodmead SA.
Cape Town BIO-Box South Africa

2012 Container with 2nd hand clothes, toys and furniture:

The clothing collection is a big success and because of that, we decided in 2011 to buy a medium size sea-container and fill it with the many boxes of clothing and other items. Thanks to the cooperation of RoyalHaskoningDHV – Netherlands / Maastricht we received enough funds to buy the container and send it to Sithand’Izingane Care Project.
The container arrived January 2013.

2011 A new IVECO bus:
We assisted Sithand’Izingane Care Project by writing a grant request to MIVA-oneMen in the Netherlands for the purchase of a new bus. The fact that we are Dutch helped us a lot. We also organize further processing, and thanks to our contacts with the Stichting INTABAZWE also in the Netherlands, we are also able to arrange the last piece of funding. The new IVECO 22-seater bus arrives in 2011.

2009 Suitcase with clothes and first aid stuff:

The story begins in 2009 when Ronald and Miran travel to SA and bring a large suitcase full of football shirts and first aid stuff. This is the beginning of our clothing and 2nd hand supplies collection.